[Arrangement] The Trail of the Rose 3 – Summer Solstice Festival


 ”The trail of the rose” is no longer put out to psvita from the third work,

I bought ps4, but I still have few opportunities to do it,

It finally cleared now, and it is the place where it began to do the fourth work continued.

Because there are a lot of favorite songs in the third work,

You might arrange many other songs.

Tuning Becaus

I want to put a lot of stock in this song,

In order to adapt the box sound to the flow of chord progression,

First of all, consider tuning.

The code that Akogi used in the intro loop is F, Dmaj7, C .

This is what happens when expressed in standard tuning

So I’m going to do my best to hold down the code,

Because it is not a place to put a melody,

6th string of E to D (drop D commonly referred to),

If you make a capo four frets and look at it again, it will happen.

It became much easier to play, but it was another twist.

Since the melody of the song is in the Tone of F (1234567 is F, G, A, B, C, D, F),

If the B of the 3rd string is made to A (because it is capo 4 frets, in fact, G to F

The default is the 3rd of the F-code that I use most often for songs,

Easy to play, box sound also familiar to the chord progression of the song.

This is the tuning decision.

The r

thm beat is 6/8.


The intro consists mainly of akogi, bass and strings,

I feel that I put out a sense of rhythm in the base with akogi,

Strings change in two minutes,

Because the rhythm of the akogi and the bass does not change so much,

Make akogi the main dish,

Change chord progression with base and string additions.

Akogi part

ps:x represents the stock, it becomes more original when you put a little cut.

When the base part is represented by an akogi,

When the string part is represented by an akogi,

The rhythm pattern of the bass and the akogi is almost the same,

The baseline is almost chord tone, so

stands for baseline,

When you color the code with a plus alpha string snote,

This is how it’

It was the intro part above