Recipe: Steamed Chicken

Chicken at Christmas!I bought chicken thighs yesterday in preparation for today.


Chicken thighs: 1 piece

Ginger: Appropriate amount

Garlic: Appropriate amount

Honey: Sprinkle evenly

Soy sauce: the whole meat marinated

Octagonal: 1


Put the chicken thighs in foil, put all the ingredients and soak for 15 minutes.

Wrap the foil and oven in a heat-resistant container for 30 minutes.

Open the foil, turn the meat over, and then oven for 5 minutes.

Food repo

The intermediate texture between fried food and stewed food.

The taste that is ingrained,i noticed that the meat has already run out.

With a feeling of regret, I put the rest of the sauce on rice,

I mixed the eggs and tightened them.

Recipe: Young Chicken Nanban Sauce

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I wanted to eat Gusto’s young chicken Nanban Tartar in the morning, so I made it myself because I was short of money.

The fried chicken and tartar sauce were simply, but i don’t how to made the Gusto’s Nanban sweet sauce, and when I looked around the source corners of the business supermarket, the nanban sauce didn’t come out.

After all, I looked it up on the net and found a recipe!


Vinegar: 2 spoon

Sugar: 2 spoon

Soy sauce: 2 spoon

Starch: a little


Put all materials in a bowl, mix appropriately and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.

Because the starch is to put out the thickness, do not put it too much

When it’s done, mix it with fried chicken and pour tartar sauce on it.

Food repo

I don’t like commercial tartar sauce at all, but when I mix it with this Nanban sweet sauce, it’s taste great.

Next time, I’d like to add this sauce to fried fish.

Recipe: I made a riole

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I caught a cold in the long bath the other day.

Make a super-skipping version of the sick sweets called Riolet that also appeared in that “Grand Maison Tokyo”!


An appropriate amount of cooked rice

Adequate amount of water

Protein 3 tsubo (instead of milk)

3 tsubo sugar

Lemon peel?Missing

Cinnamon?If there’s one, I’ll eat it as it is.

Vanilla Beans?What’s that?


Just throw it all in the pot and mix it while heating it…..

failed, it should not have been lumped if you had melted the protein first

The finished product was not good, but it was sweet and delicious.

Recipe: Recently, I'm eating like a fast-eating on the weekend.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

 I'm not doing a body building, but recently I've been targeting a body fat percentage of up to 10% and making strange things.

This is how it is, 3 bowls of flour, 3 bowls of protein, 3 sugar, and one egg are thinly divided with water, put them in a pot, and heat while mixing with the feeling of making curry.

When it becomes a paste, it is ready.It is easy to eat with a gentle texture and just the right sweetness (originally, it is for babies, so ww)

Because it is made only with carbohydrates and protein, it is possible to eat 0 lipids in the sense of dessert.

Cospa is also quite,

Sugar and flour: 2 x 110 , 24 / 1000 , 5.28 yen

Protein: 5790 24/3000

Eggs: 180/20

Perperson: About 61 yen

But if you don't have constipation, take a little bit of food fiber.