The TV show of "Witcher" was interesting.


It was a TV show that you can taste all the elements of the game in one

Now you can see it on Netflix.

“Witcher” is originally an action RPG of the PC, and for the Eros element and the Extremely difficulty, it seems different from a normal action RPG.(Actually, it is treated as R-18 on Amazon)

It will be long to talking about the game, so i just write the good points of the TV show.

1. Enter the city and be scolded by everyone

It is the real pleasure of “Witcher”.

The other RPGs is roughly “You have defeated the monster!Great!” Or, “You have defeated the devil!You’re my hero!”, although the main character is treat as a baby.That’s not the case in the world of The Witcher.

If you defeat a monster, you will be told by the street people, ” You stink !”, and if You Kill the Devil ,”You murderer!”And everyone will afraid of you.Because it is a race that makes money to kill at all, the witcher has no human rights.

2. Worrying about the ultimate choice

The basic work is The extermination of monster, but because it is a job pattern like a man’s shop, there are not a few requests such as revenge and assassination.Whether you’re doing a request or have to killing your client, The Witcher is always attacked by a choice that doesn’t have the right answer.Maybe you will learn something from the choice about life.

3, the horse is the only buddy

The witch is always talking to his horse.

4, the contents of the game and do not suffer

I’ve only played WitcherIII and first half of WitcherII , but it was a story that I didn’t suffer as far as I knew, and it might be a supplement to the WitcherIII (maybe Witcher1).

5. About herbs.

It is an element that is difficult to express in the TV, The point is that there are times when it’s not going to go, so if you want to survive, you’re going to have to work out a variety of breakthroughs.


At first, I thought that the casting was not good, but it was good to actually see it.This is made by the game team, isn’t it?It will be a spoiler, so we can’t talk any more.

I thought I was going to die in the long bath.

I wake up in the morning, it’s cold… I took a bath thinking.

It was a very weekend, and I thought I’d take a long bath, so I was immersed in watching a movie.

I got sweaty and started out of the bath, and suddenly my nephew attacked me.

When I walked a little, I’d be able to exhale.

“If you vomit, in the tray,” I tried to get to the toilet with a thinning consciousness.

I couldn’t get the distance from the toilet bowl, so I ended up lying face down on the floor.

After about 15 minutes of rest, I finally had nausea and dizziness.

If you look at it later, it seems to be caused by a drastic change in blood pressure due to changes in body temperature,

In winter, more than five times more people died in traffic accidents.

Because I am still young, it is a perfect way to die for people who are self-indulgent ww.(I’m 13 years old forever, it doesn’t matter.)

Chat: The Relationship between Su-an and Wu zhengtian

 Recently, I was caught in a commercial for Insta, and I was able to catch a commercial for “I’m going to be king” and it’s a “one piece” pakri?I’m playing a mobile game like that. To summarize the contents of the game briefly, it is a simulated game of the Chinese Qing Dynasty official life.

 What i’m worried about is the system of beautiful women and the guests.All characters are people who are historical or in classical novels.The gate guest and the beautiful woman are linked one-on-one, and the status of the considerable gate visitor is strengthened when the relation between oneself and the beautiful woman is deepened.So, it is different even if the woman of the gate customer acquaintance is a character (NTR feeling is not half-hearted ww), and I thought that it was a difficult setting.(In fact, there are a lot of stringing that does not make sense, and the beauty equivalent to Miyamoto Musashi passes)

 I examined the linking of Su-an and Takenori Ten in it.

 Soshoku 1037-1101 was also a considerable politician in the North Korean era of China, but he also achieved brilliant achievements in all genres as a writer of the greatest generation.He was also an excellent calligrapher and painter in other fields of art, and was well-informed in music. by -wiki

 Bu Sokuten is the only empress in Chinese history.She became empress of The Tang’s Gaozong and later built the Wuzhou dynasty in place of Tang.The rose is a light.In Japan, it is often referred to as “Sokutenbuko”, but this name is a name that emphasizes the fact that she was buried with the Empress’s will by her own will.Since ancient times, it has been called “Noriten” and the first and last name without clarifying, but in present-day China, it is common to call it “Takenoriten” under the name of the surname. by -wiki

  It seems that the person named SuMido, which is the ancestor of Su-an, has become a prime minister under Takenori Heaven.(I’ll do it, developer) If you think it’s a completely silly game, you’re surprisingly fine.Miyamoto Musashi and Michi may actually have a relationship that people do not know.