Recipe: Young Chicken Nanban Sauce

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I wanted to eat Gusto’s young chicken Nanban Tartar in the morning, so I made it myself because I was short of money.

The fried chicken and tartar sauce were simply, but i don’t how to made the Gusto’s Nanban sweet sauce, and when I looked around the source corners of the business supermarket, the nanban sauce didn’t come out.

After all, I looked it up on the net and found a recipe!


Vinegar: 2 spoon

Sugar: 2 spoon

Soy sauce: 2 spoon

Starch: a little


Put all materials in a bowl, mix appropriately and put it in the microwave for 1 minute.

Because the starch is to put out the thickness, do not put it too much

When it’s done, mix it with fried chicken and pour tartar sauce on it.

Food repo

I don’t like commercial tartar sauce at all, but when I mix it with this Nanban sweet sauce, it’s taste great.

Next time, I’d like to add this sauce to fried fish.

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