Recipe: Steamed Chicken

Chicken at Christmas!I bought chicken thighs yesterday in preparation for today.


Chicken thighs: 1 piece

Ginger: Appropriate amount

Garlic: Appropriate amount

Honey: Sprinkle evenly

Soy sauce: the whole meat marinated

Octagonal: 1


Put the chicken thighs in foil, put all the ingredients and soak for 15 minutes.

Wrap the foil and oven in a heat-resistant container for 30 minutes.

Open the foil, turn the meat over, and then oven for 5 minutes.

Food repo

The intermediate texture between fried food and stewed food.

The taste that is ingrained,i noticed that the meat has already run out.

With a feeling of regret, I put the rest of the sauce on rice,

I mixed the eggs and tightened them.

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