Recipe: Recently, I'm eating like a fast-eating on the weekend.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

 I'm not doing a body building, but recently I've been targeting a body fat percentage of up to 10% and making strange things.

This is how it is, 3 bowls of flour, 3 bowls of protein, 3 sugar, and one egg are thinly divided with water, put them in a pot, and heat while mixing with the feeling of making curry.

When it becomes a paste, it is ready.It is easy to eat with a gentle texture and just the right sweetness (originally, it is for babies, so ww)

Because it is made only with carbohydrates and protein, it is possible to eat 0 lipids in the sense of dessert.

Cospa is also quite,

Sugar and flour: 2 x 110 , 24 / 1000 , 5.28 yen

Protein: 5790 24/3000

Eggs: 180/20

Perperson: About 61 yen

But if you don't have constipation, take a little bit of food fiber.

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